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​Asbestos Consulting

Asbestos is a component of some building materials, and is known to be a hazardous carcinogen. Home owners, landlords, and contractors must perform testing or site surveys prior to disturbing or demolishing building any building materials that may contain asbestos. Although most people aware of the potential for asbestos content in popcorn ceiling, vinyl tiles, and pipe insulation; any building material that is not made of wood, metal, or glass may contain asbestos. An AHERA accredited inspector will help you to determine the appropriate sampling plan and protocol to ensure that you protect yourself from health impacts and liabilities, without wasting money on abating unnecessary materials. We would be happy to discuss your project specifics and come up with a plan that satisfies the legal and health obligations without excessive costs and fees.
Asbestos Services
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Asbestos Inspection

Whenever disturbance to materials in a building are planned, an asbestos survey prior to the commencement of remodeling or repair is necessary. This may include tenant improvement work (TI), repair of water damaged materials after a flood or leak, remodeling work in a commercial or residential space, or even the replacement of roofing or flooring materials. We perform these AHERA certified inspections and surveys on a wide variety of properties throughout the area.
Asbestos Air Quality Testing

Many clients become concerned that asbestos fibers or asbestos containing dust may be present in their buildings. This dust may be due to damaged materials that contain asbestos, left-over from an abatement project, or created by remodeling or demolition work. When these concerns arise, we are often asked to perform asbestos air sampling or asbestos monitoring. Contact us today to find some additional general information about how these services can be performed.

      Asbestos fibers in air are generally tested by one of two methods, either PCM (phase contrast microscopy)           or TEM (transmission electron microscopy). These two methods are drastically different, and should be               understood before the testing begins.